Hello, my name is Dai Williams.

I'm a software developer, based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, providing C# / VB.NET (using either web forms or MVC) and SQL Server Development. I have 20+ years varied experience involving Windows and Web based software development, from small desktop products to enterprise scale data driven web applications.

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About Me

I am a self employed software developer / programmer, I have built solutions ranging from large scale database driven websites to browser based flash games. Currently I'm applying the final changes to the User Interface of a website builder tool I have built for the ground up.

My clients needs vary from updating their websites on SquareSpace to building bespoke data driven api web tools, tell me your web problems and together I'm sure we can find and integrate a solution.

At heart I'm a problem solver, I love being given a complex issue and building a smart simple solution!


I was brought up on a small family run dairy farm in the West Wales hills. Farming instilled me with a strong work ethic, as well as introducing me to having to think on my feet, animals don't necessarily react as you'd expect them to! Plans often have to be amended on the fly and be embedded with flexibility from initialization. Ingenuity is a requirement on a farm so something I learned at a young age.

Before starting farming at the beginning of the 80s my father programmed food production line processors, and once into farming was still an avid follower of the developments of computing advancements. Luckily for me this meant a flow of the latest personal computers through our living room, with the highlight being the IBM Portable Personal Computer 5155 model 68, which lit the spark in me!

I am an experienced software developer

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